Self-organized growth of nanosized vertical magnetic Co pillars on Au(111)

O. Fruchart, M. Klaua, J. Barthel, J. Kirschner Phys. Rev. Lett. 83, 2769 (1999)

Forschung » Nanomagnetismus



Nanomagnetism constitutes one of the most dynamic and fruitful fields of research in solid state physics. A striking example is the current development of spintronics, initiated by the discovery in 1988 of the giant magneto resistance (GMR) of layered magnetic nanostructures by Grünberg (Jülich Research Center; also External Scientific Member at MPI) and Fert (Université Paris-Sud).
Only 7 years after the discovery of GMR, hard-disks with read-heads based on GMR were available. Nowadays, this revolutionary technology is used in all hard-disks produced in the world and has lead for tremendous increase in storage capacity. To sustain such a formidable technological development, a considerable effort on fundamental understanding of nanomagnetism is required.
The Halle groups active in this field (both at MLU and MPI) belong to the best experts worldwide, both experimentally and theoretically.
Among the specific assets of the groups of the CoE working on nanomagnetism, one should mention the broad range of complementary techniques available, both experimentally and theoretically, and the excellent synergy between theorists and experimentalists.

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