Prof. Dr. Kay Saalwächter


  Tel: ~345-5528560/551
  Fax: ~345-5527161




Projektleiter im SFB/TRR 102

Geförderte Projekte im Exzellenzcluster (07/2005-06/2008)


  • Polymer and soft-matter physics: structure and dynamics of polymers, elastomers, and liquid crystals, polymer melt dynamics, polymer crystallization, hydrogels
  • Method development in solid-state NMR
  • Recent projects:
    • Effects of topological constraints in polymer melts on crystallization and structure formation (DFG SFB/TRR 102)
    • Organization and interactions of eye-lens crystallins: native states and cataract formation (DFG SFB/TRR 102)
    • Interactions of polyphilic molecules with lipid membranes (DFG FO 1145)
    • Dynamics and surface phenomena in polymeric (nano)composits and confined geometries (DFG/ANR joint programme, DFG SPP 1369)
    • Dynamics of entangled polymer melts (DFG)
    • Heterogeneities and molecular transport in networks by NMR and fluorescence correlation spectroscopy (DFG SFBs 428/418, Landesstiftung Baden-Württemberg)
    • NMR investigation of polymer crystallization (DFG)


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